In 2011 it is expected that tens of thousands of Americans travel to Cuba after the decision taken by President Obama in January to ease restrictions for the Americans to Travel to Cuba.
Now almost all categories of Americans can travel legally to Cuba directly from USA territory without requiring specific license issued by the treasury Department.
Travelling is not yet for pure leisure reasons, it has to be as part of religious tours, people to people programs, educational trip, for undertaking academic programs, study group program, cultural programs like musical tours, dancing tours, salsa lesson tours, fine arts, cultural exchanges in general.
On the first quarter of 2011, Grand Caribbean (CubaTopTravel) organized 4 important visits to Cuba from American organizations which strength people to people communication, expecting to have more in the coming months and in the near future.
Second tournament of USA SENIOR SOFTBALL team travelled to Cuba in February for a week to have a series of games with Cuban Softball teams with players of age between 40 to 60 years old; a group of American and Canadians interested in the history and relationship between Cuba and America (Major Leagues) baseball; plus 2 groups from the humanitarian organization ACCESO which basically promote the contacts and understanding between people from both countries and also funneled donations to the libraries in Cuba.
Grand Caribbean (CubaTopTravel) has created and promoting organized tours based upon the new regulations permitting American to travel to Cuba legally, providing the opportunity for the Americans to travel right now and have the experience of being in a different and distinctive place in the Caribbean.
For these programs we will be providing best tour guides in Cuba, with expertise in the country, command of English language, and experience in their profession. First class service from our staff, personalized attention 24 hours a day during the staying in the island plus all others ingredients to travel to Cuba, like flights, accommodation, rental car, etc. We have access to all services in Cuba, and actual service contract with all Cuban state providers while having the flexibility of being private and small, made of local professionals.

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Best Regards: Manuel Davis

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